These Latter Days

"These Latter Days" - an historical fiction of the English Civil War is available on Amazon Kindle.

The English Civil War still exerts a fascination which is reflected in the steady output of political and military histories and of fiction, frequently based on the tension under which those times placed ordinary families as well as the great and the good. "By the Sword Divided" is the regular theme as brothers fought against brothers and sons found themselves on the opposite side to fathers.

Amidst the noise and fury of warfare and the establishment of a republic by Oliver Cromwell, however, those few years saw an outrush of thought and open debate on the nature of political power and on how society should be ordered; never seen before and rarely seen since. Men such as Gerrard Winstanley, William Walwyn and John Lilburne gave expression to political and social thought which still resonates today. Everything was questioned and many took advantage of the chaos and lack of censorship to articulate their hopes and, in some cases, to turn their dreams into action.

It is through this world of Levellers and Diggers that Matthew Fisher, the narrator of this tale, passes: finding himself changed from an orphan with nothing, to a man finding vengeance, then to a searcher for some better, less cruel way of living.

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