I guess that all our personal calendars are littered with dates that are meaningful to ourselves in some way or another.

Particularly birthdays, which are always a good reason to celebrate someone’s life and the pleasure we have from knowing them, or knowing of them, or having known them once.

As I write this the calendar shows the 3rd of February, personally important because it is the birthday of Georg Trakl (check out the Trakl page on this site). 1887, Salzburg.

Later in the year we get to the date of his death, 3rd November. This year is especially meaningful, it being the centenary of his death which should be remembered along with all the other Great war remembrances.

3rd November 1912 in Cracow. If you’re ever there you can go to the psychiatric hospital (a bit north of the flower and fruit market as I recall) where he died and where one of his poems is on a plaque on the wall.

You can read about this and much more in "Sebastian In Dream", available at a lovely low price at Amazon.

Cheers and best wishes to all.